Written by Ange Vianney Chi

Directed by MRMTMMTG


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Whos to say

Whos to say

You’re in love with me

Whos to say

Whos to say

You end up with me

Only you

Only you

Ill give to

I need you

I’m very waved Tom Cruise

Couldn’t keep my cool

Girl I couldn’t keep my cool

Something special inna you

Cuz even when I’m stuck in a mood

Damn I can’t stop thinking bout you

Left right when you move

Fashion week picture I fit shoot

Steph curry with the shot when I shoot

Really tryna end up next up to you ma

Cuz I’m feeling your groove ma

And I

Want you to be mine mine mine

Run away with me this time time time oh time


No deny No denyyy 


You don’t have to tell me I know

Anywhere that body goes I’ll go

Baby if you show me cup I’ll pour

Alphabet your body ei y’a yo

Baby moving crazy

Baby do  me Dirty oo

Know I’ll bring the party your way (party girl)

sure we can dance to till the night time (sure we can)

Sure we can dance till the sunrise

(Sure we can)

Seen it all in your eyes

Feeling in your heart ain’t got no price

Wouldn’t give it up for the moolah

The moolah


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